Living with your puppy

Welcoming him

The puppy’s arrival to your home

Whether your dog is an adult or a puppy newly separated from his mother, his welcome to his new home must be prepared. A number of rules should be applied at once upon his arrival, it will be all the easier for the dog to find his place in his new home.

Upon his arrival, the puppy is going to discover the family members and the environment in which he is going to evolve from now on. As a general rule, one or two days are necessary for the puppy to adapt. Welcomed with calm and gentleness, he will quickly have favorite places where he’ll feel better.


A pack animal in your home

The dog is a pack animal. He finds his balance in the stability and hierarchy of the pack. This is why he must understand that man is the dominant one. This rule applies to all dogs, whatever their size, and prevents the animal from becoming the “tyrant” in the family. Constantly having a consistent behavior is what matters. As soon as he arrives, the puppy should be welcomed with gentleness so as to be reassured, but also with firmness as regards what is banned. Thus, the trusting relationship which is established with time between the dog and his master is not disturbed.


What is allowed, what is not

The dog is very quickly able to make the difference between what is allowed and what is not. For instance, if you tolerate that he settles down on the sofa or on the bed in the first days, it will not be easy to dislodge him from there later on. It is therefore important to show him who is the master in the house by forbidding him to get on the beds and by assigning him his own toys. You should also choose the place where he’ll have his meals, in peace ad quiet, and forbid him to come and beg for food as he sees fit. It is important for him to have also a set place to sleep, a carpet or a kennel, always located away from doors and windows, so that he may not be under the impression that he has control over the comings and goings in the house.


The equipment to be provided

What you should provide to accommodate him remains simple, but indispensable. In the first place, you need a collar and a leash for outings, along with two bowls to be reserved for him; the first one for food, and the other one for water. You’d better opt for separate easy-to-clean stainless steel or glass containers that do not retain smells. Moreover, certain dogs have skin allergies to plastic. You will make sure that he always has fresh water available and that his bowls are always clean. A basket to sleep will enable to determine clearly a place for him to rest. You should also allow for what will be needed to care for his coat, according to his hair type. A few toys, suited to his age, will complement the equipment necessary to properly accommodate the newcomer.



There are many potential dangers for a puppy. Even though he sleeps a lot, you’d better keep an eye on him, even if it means, for a few hours’ absence, placing him in a room where’s there’s no danger. Staircases with risks of falls, children’s bedrooms with toys which may be nibbled at or swallowed up are some of the places to which you’d better forbid him access.

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