Living with your puppy

Choosing him

How to choose your puppy

Living with a dog at home is a decision that will bind you for a long time, and you must give it a lot of thought. A dog lives more than ten years on average. Consequently, you should choose a dog whose requirements will be well adapted to your own lifestyle, but also learn to live with him.

Which breed to choose?

The German Shepherd Dog appears to be obedient, the Labrador affectionate with children, the Greyhound independent... However, no dog can be classified so categorically. In fact, a breed should be chosen according to the role you want your dog to have with respect to his weight and his size. Indeed, choosing a Yorkshire Terrier as a guard dog on a property seems just as inadequate as locking up a German Mastiff or a Great Pyrenees all day long in an apartment. As a general rule, a small-sized dog, though more nervous, will require less vital space than a medium-sized dog; as for the large breed dog, he always requires a larger surface area to live. Whatever the breed chosen, you should always keep in mind that every dog needs to receive attention from his owner at several times in the day. You should get information from breed clubs and from breeders to strengthen your choice. Dog shows are ideal places to discover the full diversity of canine breeds and talk with breed professionals.


Male or female?

Female size is generally smaller than male size, and this may be a criterion for choice. The main inconvenience comes from the heat periods twice a year, generally in spring and autumn. They always result in the males gathering together and showing their tenacious determination.


Where to get a dog?

It’s better to purchase your puppy from a breeder who specializes in the breed. The litter is born of individuals he knows well, he has selected and he can talk about. The puppy thus offers the guarantee of meeting the morphological criteria set in . The same goes for the major traits in his disposition. A visit to the breeding kennels is recommended. It enables you to see the puppies’ mother, to know the living conditions of the litter since it was born and to have the opportunity to talk with the breeder. The professional he is will certainly want to make sure that choosing a puppy of the breed he breeds is compatible with the purchaser’s lifestyle. A list of breeding kennels may be supplied by canine associations, veterinarians and breed clubs.

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