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Mixed Feeding for your cat

Mixed Feeding for your cat

Both wet and dry foods for cat have their own benefits and are nutritionally complete. While some cat owners insist on wet food, others swear by the dry food! The major difference between the two is water content; with wet food apparently having much more than dry food. Many cat owners find dry kibble to be more suitable and convenient for feeding.

However mixed feeding is recommended to assure that the pet gets the benefit of both dry and wet food, especially if you are looking to give your cat a complete widespread nourishing diet. Not only will this mixed food program give cat owners the contentment of having a healthy cat, but cats also relish a mixture of wet and dry food. 

Benefits of Wet Food:

Urinary Tract Well-being: Feeding cats with wet food leads to increased water intake by them. It keeps them hydrated and results in more urine formation thereby increasing the frequency of urination by the pet. This further helps to reduce chances of stone in the kidney.

Weight Management: Studies reveal that when cats are fed a high-moisture diet, they tend to consume less calories because most wet food contain the same amount of calories as dry food but in bigger volume. So the cats tend to feel full, eat less, thereby reducing excessive weight.

Eating Enjoyment: Wet food is shown to increase satisfaction amongst pet because of its flavor and aroma

Benefits of Dry Food:

Oral Health: Dry food creates friction between food and teeth, which helps to remove plague and tartar keeping the mouth clean. Some of the dry foods are specifically formulated with ingredients that help to clean the teeth.

Easy to feed and store: Many cat owners prefer dry food because it is not as pricey compared to wet food, convenient to store, have a longer shelf life once opened and they can leave the kibble out whole day for the cat to chew. This helps to satisfy a cat’s desire to eat several small meals throughout the day.

According to a research from  The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition feeding a combination of wet and dry foods allows cats to mix a diet that meets intake of protein, fat and carbohydrate, i.e. macronutrient intake as compared to dry or wet only. Combined or mixed feeding practices can offer the best of both worlds. However different cats have different eating preferences. It is wise to choose food which provides nutrition required for your cat depending on its weight, health condition and everyday lifestyle or as advised by your veterinarian.

Ultimately whether you choose wet or dry food or a mix it is important to select quality pet food that is most suitable for your cat. 

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